Social Media Monday for Feb 28 – Topics Grab Bag

Noon to 1 pm
Penn State All-Sports Museum – Beaver Stadium

SMM: Open Talk

We will be in the Media Room of the All-Sports Museum for the last time today. Here’s a map of where to enter and where to park:

No topics jumped out this week as critical, so let’s leave it a little open today.

How about:

US Gov. Software Creates ‘Fake People’ on Social Networks: Industry stats say that no fewer than 1 in 10 Social Media profiles are fake.

Perhaps the broader conversation is of people misrepresenting themselves on our social media outlets. Jenna reports 2 instances in admissions where people posted on our Facebook page saying that they got in, but when we looked up their applications, we saw that they really hadn’t.

We’ve been talking about videos lately, and Penn State released The Partnership ( last week. A great video, although over 9 minutes long. Some recent research indicates that by the end of the second minute of online video, you’ve lost half your audience.

As always during Social Media Mondays, our topics and plans are malleable (but not too much so) and we remain open to your interests and desires. We’ll start with your questions, concerns and curiosities no matter what they may be.

Please circulate this week’s invitation to anyone you think might be interested in spirited social media conversations with actionable substance. View the archives and continue the conversation at the Social Media Monday Blog.


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