Social Media Monday for 3/27 – Social Media Plugins & Analytics

Noon to 1 pm
Penn State Center For Sustainability – 309 Sackett Building

SMM: Social Media Plugins on your Web Site & Social Media Analytics

Perhaps we can discuss the interplay of our Social Media pages and our existing Web sites. What IS the best way to have them work together in harmony. Facebook recently changed the way they handle a ‘Like’, further blurring the lines between ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’. What are the best methods and philosophies of putting Facebook Social Plugins, Twitter icons etc on your Web site?

Facebook has also released a real-time analytics package that extends their insights to your Web site. It is essentially tracking the ‘Like’ buttons on sites outside of Facebook and what happens to your content that is shared. The viral process in charts and graphs.

As always during Social Media Mondays, our topics and plans are malleable (but not too much so) and we remain open to your interests and desires. We’ll start with your questions, concerns and curiosities no matter what they may be.

Please circulate this week’s invitation to anyone you think might be interested in spirited social media conversations with actionable substance. View the archives and continue the conversation at the Social Media Monday Blog.


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One Response to Social Media Monday for 3/27 – Social Media Plugins & Analytics

  1. Aimee says:

    In regards to best practices and engagement via facebook and twitter:

    Breadth is often difficult for those of us who have social media as only one small part of their job tasks. I do not have the time or will to actively seek out followers, pay attention to what they are saying, and try to engage them. What I’m able to do is always respond to any tweets and facebook posts. I think the fans that we have know that about us. We see that in examples like a fan’s response to a volunteer’s passing by sharing his personal connection to our volunteer when he visited with us (via facebook), or another fan looking to us as an authority on athletic historical content, and we helped him identify the year of an old halftime video from the 1960’s (via twitter).

    So perhaps we don’t have the analytics to show that our engagement is extremely high, but I still think we our doing our job within the means we are able to.

    Just my 2 cents 😉

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