Social Media Monday for April 11 @ The Annex

Noon to 1 pm
The Annex – 1 College Ave * (see below)

Bring your questions and goals, we’ll open this one up wide for what’s in your world these days.

I wouldn’t mind spending a little time talking about the process of starting a Facebook Page to replace an existing Facebook Group. We have a group that, by all accounts, is pretty successful. We have over 1500 members and engagement is good. There is some valid desire to convert it to a page, and to put it plainly, we’re a little scared. Add to that the recent Profile-to-Page debacle, and we’re uneasy from all angles. Let’s discuss.

Other topics could include: Facebook Questions, Twitter branded profile pages, New Twitter Search, Social Media Day…

As always during Social Media Mondays, our topics and plans are malleable (but not too much so) and we remain open to your interests and desires. We’ll start with your questions, concerns and curiosities no matter what they may be.

Please circulate this week’s invitation to anyone you think might be interested in spirited social media conversations with actionable substance. View the archives and continue the conversation at the Social Media Monday Blog.

* The Annex: Cynde says: The actual address is 1 College Ave Annex there is no room number, we are all open down there.  The office is located downtown underneath Mr. Charles. There is a door beside Mr. Charles that is under a Penn State sign that says 1 college ave annex on it.  You can also enter through the back door on Calder Way across from the India Pavillion.  Not sure that entrance is labeled well. Contact me 5-9420 if they need directions.


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