UPCEA – Pre-Webinar Questions and Comments

In preparation for a webinar with continuing education leadership for UPCEA, we thought it would be useful to recommend some light reading and a couple of videos to provide a primer to the presentation. We would also like to ask a series of questions that will allow us to customize our presentation to the current knowledge base and implementation level of Social Media in your operations. You may also comment and ask questions below.

Before Webinar

Take the Survey

What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy (by Soumitra Dutta, Harvard Business Review; Nov2010, Vol. 88 Issue 11, p127-130, 4p)

Recommended Videos

Recommended Reading


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2 Responses to UPCEA – Pre-Webinar Questions and Comments

  1. Janet Castleman says:

    The complete required reading article is not available online; it must be purchased.

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